FairyTail Pet Care Shark Tank | Net Worth Update

FairyTail Pet Care, a unique and innovative pet care service, has carved a niche for itself in the wedding industry by offering specialized services that allow pets to be a stress-free part of weddings and special events.

Founded by Ilana Karcinski and Kelly Nova in 2015, the company’s journey to success is a story of passion, dedication, and savvy business acumen.

The Genesis of FairyTail Pet Care

The Genesis of FairyTail Pet Care

Ilana Karcinski and Kelly Nova, childhood friends and co-founders of FairyTail Pet Care, recognized a gap in the wedding industry.

They realized that couples wanted to include their pets in their wedding celebrations but faced logistical challenges in doing so. Leveraging their love for animals and their experience in pet sitting, they established FairyTail Pet Care to address this unmet need.

The company was launched in 2015 after meticulous planning and targeting the right audience. It initially faced the challenge of educating potential clients about the nature of its services but gradually gained traction in the market​​​​.

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Services and Unique Selling Points

FairyTail Pet Care specializes in integrating pets into wedding celebrations and other special events.

The company offers a range of services, including initial meet-and-greet sessions, day-of coordination, transportation, and accessories like custom bandanas and flower arrangements. They also coordinate with venues to accommodate pets and provide post-wedding pet-sitting services.

One unique feature is the use of GoPro cameras to capture events from the pets’ perspectives, adding an innovative twist to wedding memories​​​​.

Shark Tank Appearance and the Deal

FairyTail Pet Care gained widespread recognition after appearing on Season 15, Episode 4 of Shark Tank. Founders Kelly Nova and Ilana Karcinski pitched their unique pet care service and sought a $75,000 investment for 10% equity in their company.

They shared their business model, which included a franchise system with four locations at the time of filming. The starting cost for their services was $600 for a three-hour minimum, with an additional $100 per extra hour.

After negotiation, Barbara Corcoran agreed to invest $75,000 for 22% equity in the company. This deal provided a significant boost to the company’s visibility and sales​​​​.

Business Growth and Current Status

FairyTail Pet Care Business Growth and Current Status

Following their successful Shark Tank appearance, FairyTail Pet Care experienced a surge in interest and sales. The company’s net worth is estimated at $800,000 as of 2024.

It continues to thrive as a franchise, with Ilana and Kelly actively supporting their franchisees.

The business model has evolved, providing opportunities for individuals to become franchisees at costs ranging between $22,400 to $37,800.

FairyTail Pet Care operates in Tampa Bay, West Palm Beach, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh, offering customized packages for pet care during special events​​​​.

Community Impact and Future Outlook

Apart from their business success, FairyTail Pet Care is also known for its commitment to the community. They have a history of making donations to animal shelters, contributing over $20,000 and volunteering many hours towards finding homes for shelter animals.

Looking ahead, the company aims to expand its reach and continue providing high-quality, personalized pet care services, making special occasions memorable for both pets and their owners​​.

FairyTail Pet Care’s journey from a bright idea to a flourishing business exemplifies entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. It’s a story that resonates with pet lovers and aspiring entrepreneurs alike, illustrating the power of recognizing and fulfilling a unique market need with creativity and passion.


FairyTail Pet Care’s journey from inception to its current status as a thriving business is an inspiring story of innovation, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit. By identifying a unique need in the market and addressing it with a specialized service, the founders have created a successful and impactful business. Their commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and community involvement sets them apart in the industry and bodes well for their continued success.

FairyTail Pet Care’s story is a compelling example of how a niche idea can transform into a prosperous business with the right approach, dedication, and strategic partnerships. As they continue to grow and evolve, FairyTail Pet Care remains a standout in the pet care industry, providing invaluable services for pet owners and their beloved animals during life’s special moments.

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