Easy Treezy Shark Tank Update | Net Worth

Easy Treezy, a company specializing in artificial Christmas trees that are pre-decorated and easy to assemble, has been making waves since its appearance on Shark Tank in Season 11.

Founded by Kurt Stange, a graduate of the University of Miami Herbert Business School, the company was established in 2017 and is headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida.

Easy Treezy’s main product is a pre-decorated artificial Christmas tree that offers 65% more lighting than traditional Christmas trees, with prices ranging from $279 to $900.

Shark Tank Journey

Easy Treezy Shark Tank Journey

Kurt Stange entered Shark Tank in Season 11, Episode 9, seeking a $400,000 investment for 10% equity, valuing the company at $4 million. His pitch included a demonstration of the easy assembly of the Easy Treezy Christmas trees.

Despite impressive sales figures, including $600,000 in sales for the year and projections of reaching $2.2 million by year-end, the sharks raised concerns about the product’s high price point and Kurt’s marketing strategies.

Robert Herjavec offered $400,000 for 40% equity, but no agreement was reached, and Easy Treezy left the show without a deal.

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Post Shark Tank

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Easy Treezy has continued to grow. In 2019, the company was projected to make $2.2 million in sales.

However, due to the 2020 pandemic, sales in 2020 were estimated at around $1 million. By 2022, annual revenue had increased to an estimated $1.5 million.

As of August 2023, the company’s revenue for the year was estimated to be around $500,000. The net worth of Easy Treezy in 2023 is estimated at $1.2 million.

Business Model and Expansion

Easy treezy Business Model and Expansion

Easy Treezy operates on a direct-to-consumer model, selling its products directly to customers. This approach allows the company to offer competitive pricing and foster customer loyalty.

They have embraced e-commerce platforms, making their products available on popular sites and their website.

The company also focuses on quality and innovation, with a patented design that simplifies the Christmas tree setup process.

Market Presence

Easy Treezy Christmas tree Market Presence

After Shark Tank, Easy Treezy expanded its retail presence. Their products are now available in major retail stores like Kohls, Target, and Walmart.

The company has diversified its product line to include different sizes of trees, storage bags, wreaths, garlands, and decoration kits. Their offerings seem to be seasonally available, primarily during the holiday season.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Easy Treezy is not just about selling Christmas trees; they have also engaged in philanthropic activities, such as their ‘Tree For A Tree’ program, where they plant one tree for every product sold.

Current Status

As of late 2023, Easy Treezy is still in business and continues to thrive. The company is known for its hassle-free and beautifully designed artificial Christmas trees. They have adapted to market demands and continue to innovate, keeping their product range fresh and appealing to customers.

In conclusion, Easy Treezy has demonstrated resilience and adaptability in the competitive market of holiday decorations.

Its innovative product design, direct-to-consumer sales model, and expansion into major retail stores have contributed to its sustained growth and success post Shark Tank.

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