Ten Thirty One Productions Shark Tank— Net Worth

In the dynamic world of entertainment, few stories are as compelling as that of Ten Thirty One Productions. This innovative company, specializing in live horror entertainment, has undergone a remarkable transformation since its appearance on Shark Tank.

This blog post delves deeper into the company’s journey, exploring its inception, challenges, growth, and current status in the industry.

The Genesis of Ten Thirty One Productions

Founded in 2009 by Melissa Carbone, Ten Thirty One Productions was more than a business—it was a passion project. Carbone, leaving a high-paying corporate job, started the company with a vision to bring Hollywood-level scare tactics to the masses.

Beginning with just $5,000, she set out to create unique, hair-raising experiences for thrill-seekers and horror enthusiasts.

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The Shark Tank Milestone

Ten Thirty One Productions Shark Tank Milestone

The company’s major turning point came in 2013 when Carbone appeared on Shark Tank. Seeking a $2 million investment for a 10% stake, she presented a unique pitch that featured terrifying characters, effectively bringing the essence of her business to the Shark Tank stage.

This pitch resulted in Mark Cuban offering $2 million for a 20% equity stake, marking the largest deal in Shark Tank history at that time.

Expansion and Growth

The investment from Mark Cuban was a catalyst for exponential growth. Ten Thirty One Productions expanded its offerings and geographic reach.

The company introduced new formats like “Ghost Ship” experiences in California and “Horror Campouts” during summer, alongside its flagship event, the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride.

The goal was to establish Ten Thirty One Productions as a national brand in horror entertainment.

Financial Trajectory

Post Shark Tank , the company’s financial health soared. With a valuation of $20 million during the Shark Tank pitch and $10 million post-investment, the company saw its revenue and sales increase significantly.

By 2015, the company was on track to make $4 million in sales, a clear indicator of its growing market presence and successful business model.

Challenges and Resilience

Despite its successes, Ten Thirty One Productions faced its share of challenges. A notable incident involved a lawsuit following an injury at one of its events.

This legal challenge, however, did not deter the company’s progress. Instead, it led to an acquisition by Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, further cementing Ten Thirty One’s position in the horror entertainment sector.

The Current State of Ten Thirty One Productions

The Current State of Ten Thirty One Productions

Today, Ten Thirty One Productions continues to thrive under new ownership. While specific details about its current net worth and financials are not publicly disclosed, the company’s influence in the horror entertainment industry remains significant.

It stands as a testament to the power of innovative ideas, strategic investment, and the ability to adapt to challenges.


The story of Ten Thirty One Productions is more than just a business case study; it’s a narrative of passion, innovation, and perseverance.

From its humble beginnings to becoming a major player in the live horror entertainment industry, the company’s journey offers valuable lessons in entrepreneurship, market adaptation, and the significance of strategic partnerships in business growth.

Looking Ahead

As the industry evolves, Ten Thirty One Productions’ ability to innovate and adapt will be crucial for its continued success. The future may hold new challenges, but if the company’s past is any indication, it will continue to be a significant player in the entertainment world.

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