Pie Wine Shark Tank Update | Net Worth

Pie Wine, an innovative beverage brand, emerged in the wine industry with a unique proposition – creating a wine specifically tailored to pair with pizza.

Founded by Kevin Klein and Josh Green in 2022, Pie Wine has attracted attention for its novel concept and ambitious goals.

Here’s a comprehensive update on Pie Wine following their appearance on Shark Tank.

The Concept of Pie Wine

Pie Wine is a sweet sparkling wine designed to be the perfect companion for pizza. It’s available in three flavors: Crisp White Wine, Sweet Za Wine, and Red Wine.

The brand aims to offer a unique pairing experience, enhancing the flavors of pizza with their specially crafted wines.

The uniqueness of Pie Wine lies in its carbonated properties, which are uncommon in traditional wines​​​​​​​​​​.

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Founders and Their Vision

Kevin Klein and Josh Green, the co-founders of Pie Wine, have a shared passion for pizza and wine.

Their backgrounds are diverse; Klein worked in media as a content writer and radio host, while Green had a career in investment banking.

Their shared interests in winemaking and pizza led to the birth of Pie Wine, a venture uniting their love for both​​​​​​.

Shark Tank Appearance and Aftermath

Pie Wine Shark Tank Appearance and Aftermath

Pie Wine featured in Season 15, Episode 1 of Shark Tank, where Klein and Green pitched their innovative product. They sought $200,000 for a 7.5% equity stake in the company, valuing it at $2.67 million.

Despite an engaging pitch and interest from the Sharks, Pie Wine did not secure a deal.

The Sharks appreciated the product but cited reasons such as market competition and the early stage of the business for not investing​​​​​​​​.

Following their Shark Tank appearance, Pie Wine saw a significant surge in interest. Their entire stock sold out within four days of the episode airing, demonstrating the powerful impact of the show.

They quickly restocked to meet the growing demand. This exposure provided a considerable boost to the brand, even without the backing of a Shark​​​​.

Current Status and Growth

Pie Wine Current Status and Growth

As of 2024, Pie Wine is estimated to have a net worth of around $1-2 million.

The company has been actively expanding its reach, with distribution in multiple states and a goal to enter additional markets.

They are also exploring partnerships with beverage distributors to scale their operations further.

Despite the challenges of a competitive market, Pie Wine continues to innovate and grow​​​​.

Pie Wine’s Market Position and Future Outlook

Pie Wine’s Market Position and Future Outlook

Pie Wine operates in a niche market, combining the worlds of wine and pizza.

With their unique product and strategic marketing, they’ve carved out a distinct identity in the beverage industry.

Looking ahead, Pie Wine aims to solidify its position as a go-to wine for pizza lovers, with the potential to explore new flavors and partnerships that align with their brand vision​​​​.


Pie Wine’s journey, from its inception to its Shark Tank appearance and subsequent growth, reflects the dynamic nature of entrepreneurial ventures.

Their ability to capture market interest despite not securing a Shark Tank deal speaks to the strength of their concept and the appeal of their product.

As Pie Wine continues to expand and evolve, it stands as a testament to the power of innovative ideas and strategic marketing in the competitive world of business.

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