How Does Quidco Make Money? (Business Model Explained)

Quidco, a popular cashback site in the UK, has revolutionized the way consumers shop online.

With millions of users and partnerships with over 4,500 brands, Quidco has established itself as a leading platform in the digital cashback and rewards market. But how exactly does Quidco make money?

Let’s delve into the intricacies of its business model and explore the various features that contribute to its revenue.

History of Quidco

Quidco, one of the UK’s most prominent cashback companies, was established in 2005 in Sheffield as a student start-up.

Since its inception, Quidco has experienced significant growth and evolution, reflecting its commitment to providing an exceptional user experience and fostering a culture of innovation and customer focus.

The Early Years and Growth

Quidco was founded with a clear mission to offer users an effective way to earn cashback on their online purchases. This mission quickly resonated with a broad audience.

By forging partnerships with thousands of retailers, Quidco enabled consumers to receive a portion of their spending back, thereby saving money on their purchases.

This approach not only benefitted the consumers but also drove considerable traffic to retailer websites, creating a win-win situation for both parties.

As Quidco’s user base expanded, so did its offerings. The company consistently worked on enhancing the user experience by improving its website and mobile app functionalities.

It maintained a strong focus on customer service and streamlined processes to ensure user satisfaction.

Technology and Innovation

Innovation has been a cornerstone of Quidco’s success. The company has continually invested in technology to improve its platform’s performance and user experience.

This includes utilizing modern cloud-based technologies and developing a robust tech team that addresses issues of scale and efficiency​​.

Acquisition by Moneysupermarket Group

In a significant development, Quidco was acquired by Moneysupermarket Group PLC in October 2021 for up to £101m.

This acquisition marked a new chapter in Quidco’s history, as it joined a larger group of consumer-oriented companies aimed at helping households save money.

The acquisition was seen as a strategic move to enhance Quidco’s offerings and expand its reach. Moneysupermarket Group recognized Quidco’s success and potential for further growth, and the acquisition was expected to be beneficial for both entities​​​​​​.

Today’s Quidco

Today, Quidco stands as a testament to the success that can be achieved through a customer-centric approach and continual innovation.

With millions of members and a vast array of retail partners, Quidco remains a key player in the UK’s cashback market, offering significant savings opportunities to its users.

The company continues to evolve, leveraging the resources and expertise of Moneysupermarket Group to provide even better services and savings to its members.

Looking Forward

As Quidco moves forward, it remains committed to its original mission of helping people save money.

The company is continuously exploring new ways to enhance its platform and offer more value to its users.

With a strong foundation and a history of success, Quidco is well-positioned to continue its growth and maintain its status as a leader in the cashback industry.

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The Essence of Quidco’s Business Model

Quidco operates on a simple yet effective business principle: it receives a commission from retailers for every purchase made through its platform. This commission is then shared with the users as cashback.

This mutually beneficial relationship between Quidco, its users, and partnered retailers is the cornerstone of its business model.

Affiliate Marketing at Its Core

At the heart of Quidco’s revenue generation is affiliate marketing. Retailers pay Quidco a commission for directing customers to their websites.

This commission varies depending on the retailer and the product or service purchased.

Quidco then passes a portion of this commission back to the user as cashback, keeping a small percentage for itself.

Premium Membership: An Additional Revenue Stream

Quidco offers a premium membership for £1 per month, charged only in months when the user earns cashback.

This premium option provides enhanced cashback rates, up to 20% bonus on payouts, and a “double the difference” highest cashback guarantee, adding a significant revenue stream to Quidco’s model​​​​.

How Quidco Works

How Quidco Works

Quidco, as one of the leading cashback and voucher code websites in the UK, operates on a simple yet ingenious model. Understanding how Quidco works is essential to maximize the benefits of using the service.

Here’s a breakdown of the process and features that make Quidco an attractive option for savvy shoppers.

The Basic Process

  1. Sign-Up and Browse: Users start by signing up on Quidco’s website or app. Once registered, they can browse through a wide range of retailers and services that Quidco partners with.
  2. Shopping Through Quidco: When users find a retailer or a deal they like, they click on the link provided by Quidco, which redirects them to the retailer’s website. It’s important to complete the purchase in this session to ensure that the cashback is tracked.
  3. Earning Cashback: After the purchase is made, Quidco receives a commission from the retailer for directing the customer to their site. A significant portion of this commission is then passed back to the user as cashback.
  4. Cashback Approval and Redemption: The cashback earned is initially in a ‘pending’ state. Once the retailer confirms the transaction (which can take a few months), the cashback status changes to ‘confirmed’. Users can then withdraw their cashback via bank transfer, PayPal, or as gift cards.

Advanced Features

  1. Quidco Compare: This feature allows users to compare prices and services (like insurance and utilities) across various providers. Using Quidco Compare can also earn users cashback on their purchases​​.
  2. Quidco ClickSnap: For in-store purchases, particularly groceries, users can use the ClickSnap feature. By uploading a photo of their receipt to the app, users can claim cashback on specific items they have purchased​​​​.
  3. In-Store Cashback: By registering their credit or debit card with Quidco, users can earn cashback on purchases made in physical stores with participating retailers.
  4. Quidco’s Mobile App and Browser Extension: These tools make it easier for users to access deals and ensure they never miss out on cashback opportunities. The browser extension alerts users to potential cashback when they visit retailer websites​​.
  5. Premium Membership: For a small monthly fee, premium members enjoy higher cashback rates, additional cashout options, and other exclusive benefits​​.

Tips for Maximizing Cashback

  • Regularly Check for Deals: Keep an eye on the latest deals and offers on Quidco to maximize cashback opportunities.
  • Use the Mobile App and Browser Extension: These tools will help you stay updated on the latest cashback deals and ensure you don’t miss out on any offers.
  • Combine Cashback with Other Discounts: Where possible, combine cashback offers with other discounts or voucher codes for even greater savings.
  • Keep Track of Purchases: Keep a record of your purchases through Quidco to ensure all your cashback is correctly tracked and paid.

By understanding how Quidco works and making the most of its features and offers, users can turn their regular shopping into a more rewarding experience, saving money on purchases they would make anyway.

Quidco Funding, Revenue, and Valuation

Quidco Funding, Revenue, and Valuation

Quidco has made significant strides in its market, reflected in its funding, revenue, and valuation.

Here’s an overview of these financial aspects that have shaped Quidco’s journey in the e-commerce and cashback industry.

Acquisition and Valuation

Quidco was acquired by Group PLC in October 2021. This acquisition was a major milestone, reflecting the value and potential seen in Quidco.

The deal involved an initial consideration of £87 million in cash with a further £14 million deferred, signifying a significant valuation of the company.

As part of Group, Quidco joined a larger group of consumer brands, expected to benefit from enhanced capabilities in data analytics, SEO expertise, and customer relationship management​​​​.


In terms of revenue, Quidco has shown impressive figures. For the year ending 31 July 2021, the company reported a revenue of £59.2 million.

This revenue stream primarily comes from commission on cashback purchases, a major portion of which is passed on to the users. Quidco also generates revenue from advertising income, merchant commission, and subscription revenue from premium members.

The adjusted EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) for the same period showed significant growth, reaching £7.9 million.

These numbers highlight Quidco’s robust financial performance and its strong position in the cashback market​​.

Strategic Growth and Future Prospects

Following the acquisition, Quidco is expected to benefit from the operational and technological strengths of Group.

This synergy is likely to enhance Quidco’s user experience and expand its reach, potentially leading to further growth in revenue and market presence.

The acquisition has been forecasted to be earnings accretive in 2022, indicating positive expectations for financial performance in the coming years.

In summary, Quidco’s journey from a pioneering cashback service to a prominent player in the market, culminating in its acquisition by a leading group like, underscores its financial success and growth potential.

With strong revenue figures and a significant valuation, Quidco continues to be a key player in the cashback and online retail industry, with promising prospects for future growth and expansion.


Quidco has carved out a niche in the online shopping world by offering a win-win solution for both consumers and retailers.

While consumers enjoy cashback on their purchases, retailers benefit from increased traffic and sales, and Quidco earns its revenue through commissions and premium memberships.

This synergy has made Quidco a successful and popular platform in the realm of digital cashback and rewards.

By understanding how Quidco operates and generates income, users can maximize their benefits while contributing to the platform’s growth. Whether it’s through everyday shopping, taking advantage of high-value offers like Quidco Compare, or exploring boosted cashback opportunities, there are numerous ways to make the most of what Quidco has to offer.

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